October 23: Afternoon with an Alum: Becca Wanta, RS, and Social Work

Download the Event Poster as a PDF: Oct. 23 RS Event – Wanta Poster w Room

SAVE THE DATE! Afternoon with a RS Alum: Monday, October 23, 4:30-5:30pm, 5206 Sewell Social Sciences Building, 1180 Observatory Dr, Madison, WI 53706

What do our alums do with their RS learning in work and life? As a medical social worker, Becca Wanta organizes care outside the hospital for veterans through Madison’s Veterans Administration Hospital. This involves assisting patients and caregivers dealing with the complex issues of end-of-life planning, age-related and chronic disability or illness, and working with a complex mix of government, healthcare, financial and other institutions. How did she come to this career?

Becca says it started with Religious Studies. She’ll talk about her work, how her religious studies training led her to her career and how it informs her work daily. Whether or not you are interested in healthcare professions, this is a great opportunity to think about putting things together with your religious studies learning. Becca graduated in 2017 with majors in Religious Studies and Social Work and subsequently earned her MSW at UW. She was the recipient of the RS Award for Community Service and the College of Letters and Sciences Louise Troxell Award, which recognizes annually one outstanding woman in the College of Letters and Science whose qualifications include “intellectual ability and curiosity, good citizenship, appreciation of the world outside herself and interest in participating in its affairs.”

Come meet Becca and join a conversation about how religious studies can matter beyond college and classroom.