Undergraduate Program

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Major or Earn a Certificate in Religious Studies

The Religious Studies Program offers a BA, BS and a Certificate in Religious Studies. Learn more about how to get into the program, advising, requirements for the Major, Honors in the Major, the Certificate, and career exploration at the links to the left.

Learning Outcomes

The Religious Studies curriculum is designed so that, by the time of graduation, students will have developed the following attributes:

  1. Proficiency in close reading, interpretation, and written and oral analysis.
  2. Proficiency in accessing, appraising, and utilizing a variety of resources and methods for research across disciplinary lines.
  3. Proficiency in categorizing, analyzing and comparing diverse systems of value and belief in a variety of contexts.
  4. Global and local religious literacy; identifying, evaluating, and interpreting the interrelationships and impact of religious worldviews and communities in Wisconsin, the United States and globally.

Consider Religious Studies –  this document will help you learn about the specific requirements, and see what former students have to say about Religious Studies.

Religious Studies Undergraduate Advising with Dr. Norman:

Contact Dr. Norman by email to set up an appointment to discuss the major or certificate.