Life and Work after RS

Religious studies engages a variety of professional disciplines and provides important preparation for thinking, communicating and functioning professionally in a complex, multi-dimensional world.

Religious studies sponsors workshops and other career exploration vehicles, often in collaboration with Career Services, to aid students in articulating the value of religious studies for their career preparation. Student-developed capstone projects in religious studies often make specific connections to experiential learning and career preparation in a range of fields.

Talk with Dr. Norman about possibilities for combining internships and other forms of pre-professional training with the major and certificate.

Did you know that…

  • Many RS Majors are double-majors? It’s do-able, flexible and complements work in almost any other field.
  • RS has paid internships with local organizations for which students may also receive academic credit? Other opportunities: experiential learning, peer mentorships, etc. Have an idea? We’ll work with you to make it happen.
  • RS offers honors-in-major, which offers 13 credit hours for a student-designed project? Talk with us about other research opportunities as well.
  • UW RS alums are educators, doctors, business owners and managers, veterinarians, tech experts, scientists, architects, social workers, librarians, ministers and the list goes on. They live around the world and in Madison!
  • RS majors have the lowest unemployment rate of all college graduates in the nation.

Why study religion?