Welcome Susan Fenton, New Religious Studies Program Administrator

An especially Happy New Year and Welcome Back! 

The New Year for Religious Studies is beginning in an exceptionally happy way as we welcome back not only students and Spring learning opportunities but also Ms. Susan Fenton as RS Program Administrator.

Susan was Program Administrator for 7 years before moving to the I-School where she worked with graduate students, primarily in admissions. Now, she’s back with RS and is in the RS Office, Mon-Thurs 9:30-3:00.  She has a BA from UW Green Bay, where she majored in Liberal Studies, and a wealth of work experience at UW. 

When not delving into the intricacies of the timetable or sorting through payroll issues, she enjoys spending time with family, especially her delightful grandson Miles.  A quilter who will soon be adding a few of her projects to her office, Susan likes to travel with her husband Kevin. They have planned a Mediterranean adventure for later 2019, with stops in Spain, France, and Italy. For now, she is eager for the start of the Spring Term: “I love the energy and vibrancy of working with students, and I especially enjoyed being a part of the Religious Studies Program. I’m excited to be back and look forward to meeting our students!” Students, please stop by Bradley Memorial to meet Ms. Fenton. We know alums and affiliate faculty will recall her fondly and want to welcome her back as well.

Ms. Fenton will work closely with the RS Executive Committee, RS Director Rosenblum, Professor Ridgely and Associate Director Dr. Norman.  “We are so excited about the possibilities for RS that her efficiency, expertise and interest in our work bring (back) to the program as well as her welcoming presence,” said a very enthusiastic Dr. Norman.