Alumni Feature: Jeremy Manheim ‘02

Jeremy Manheim in the RS Teaching Assistant Office

Jeremy Manheim (’02) was in the first graduating class of Religious Studies majors. Fifteen years later, he found himself back in the Religious Studies Program as a Teaching Assistant for RS 102: Exploring Religion in Sickness and Health in Fall term. In between, Jeremy completed the Master of Theological Studies at Harvard Divinity School. From there, he moved to Asia, living and studying at a Tibetan Buddhist monastery for nine years.

Jeremy is pursuing a Ph.D. focused on Buddhist and contemporary understandings of cognition with RS Affiliate Professor John Dunne (another recent returnee to the UW). There have been many changes for Jeremy in 15 years. Among the most recent and delightful, he is a new father to daughter, Anna. But what about changes in RS? Jeremy sees many.

RS was a fledgling program when he was an undergraduate. Now it is an academic home with more faculty involvement and much more support for students who want to study religion. He remarked on the obvious energy in RS and its energetic outreach to students and is happy to be a part of RS again. Welcome back, Jeremy! This Spring, Jeremy is assisting with Prof. Dunne’s new course, RS 400: Mindfulness in Theory and Practice.