2020 Spring Courses

Spring 2020 Course Guide Preview Click to open a more detailed pdf course listing for Spring.

Number                Title Instructor
103 Exploring Religion and Sexuality Rosenblum
173 Consuming Happiness Whelan
234 Genres of Western Religious Writing Rosenhagen
236 Asia Enchanted: Ghosts, Gods, and Monsters Huntington
306 Hinduism Cerulli
307 A Survey of Tibetan Buddhism Khedup
309 The Crusades: Christianity and Islam Lapina
331 Science, Medicine and Religion Rock-Singer
335 King David in History and Tradition Hutton
352 Shamanism DuBois
360 The Anglo-Saxons Zweck
361 Early Christian Literature: Pauline Christianity Norman
400-001 Topic: Jerusalem – Conflict and Desire Brenner
400-002 Topic: German-Jewish Philosophy Stern
400-003 Topic: Religious Studies Leadership in Practice Naparstek
400-004 Topic: Moral Philosophy and The Holocaust Stern
411 The Enlightenment and its Critics Carlsson
430 Indian Traditions in the Modern Age Buhnemann
434 Milton Bowling
460 The History of Yoga Buhnemann
466 Buddhist Thought Dunne
500 Advanced Seminar in Theory of Religion Dunne
600 Religion in Critical Perspective Ridgely
601 Senior Capstone Research & Colloquium Norman

A Comprehensive list of Religious Studies courses can be found in the Religious Studies course list page in the Guide.


Please Note: 600 and 601 are offered for majors and certificate students who meet the requirements for authorization. Because religious studies is an interdisciplinary program drawing upon many departments, some courses may have prerequisites in their home departments that must be fulfilled even though the prerequisites themselves have no bearing on progress within the religious studies major. Students are responsible for ensuring that they have met all the prerequisites to enter a course before they enroll in it.