2024 Spring Courses

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Number                Title Instructor
105 Religion and Popular Culture Ridgely
173 Consuming Happiness Whelan
212 The History of Western Christianity to 1750 Wandel
236 Asia Enchanted: Ghosts, Gods, and Monsters Huntington
253 Of Demons and Angels: Dante’s Divine Comedy Todorovic
308 Introduction to Buddhism Lehrer
309 The Crusades: Christianity and Islam Lapina
328 Classical Rabbinic Literature in Translation Rosenblum
331 Science, Medicine and Religion C. Rock-Singer
340 The American Jewish Life of DNA C. Rock-Singer
361 Early Christian Literature: Pauline Christianity Norman
373 Great Cities of Islam Pruitt
403 (Topics in Religious Studies – US Ethnic Studies)
Food, Meaning, Identity Norman
405 Gods and Goddesses of South Asia Buhnemann
411 The Enlightenment and Its Critics Carlsson
460 The History of Yoga Buhnemann
462 Muslims and Jews Stern
475 Religion, Global and Public Health Norman
517 Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean Beneker

*RS 600 (CAPSTONE REQ) will be offered only in Fall in 23–24. It will be offered next in Fall 2024.

Looking ahead to the Summer 2024 term? Save a spot in your schedule for RELIG. ST. 234: Genres of Western Religious Writing (Comm B/HUM/INTERMED), an online and asynchronous course taught by Claire Kilgore. Dates TBD.

A Comprehensive list of Religious Studies courses can be found in the Religious Studies course list page in the Guide.