2024 Summer and Fall Courses

Summer 2024 Courses

Looking for a Summer course for 2024? Enroll in RELIG. ST. 234: Genres of Western Religious Writing, taught by Claire Kilgore during the DHH Summer Session (June 17 – August 11th, ONLINE and ASYNCHRONOUS)

Fall 2024 Courses

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Number                Title Instructor
Exploring Religion in Sickness and Health [RS GATEWAY]  Norman 
173 Consuming Happiness Whelan
Religion and the First Amendment [FIG COURSE] Ridgely
Religion & Art Dale
Religion in/and Everyday Language [New Class!] Thompson
203 Jewish Law, Business, and Ethics  Rosenblum
208 Western Intellectual and Religious History to 1500 Carlsson
218 Health and Healing in South Asia Cerulli
236 Asia Enchanted: Ghosts, Gods, and Monsters Jones
273 God and Money Stern
274 Religion in South Asia Jones
305 Women, Gender, and Religion C. Rock-Singer
307 A Survey of Tibetan Buddhism Khedup
326 The Supernatural in the Modern World Brower
335 King David in History and Tradition Hutton
342 Nordic Mythology Mellor
473 Meditation in Indian Buddhism and Hinduism Buhnemann
600 Religion in Critical Perspective C. Rock-Singer

A Comprehensive list of Religious Studies courses can be found in the Religious Studies course list page in the Guide.

Please Note: 600 is moving to Spring terms only in Academic Year 2025 – 2026; Students planning to graduate before Spring 2026 should plan on taking Relig. St. 600 in Fall 2024. Contact Dr. Norman with questions: cenorman@wisc.edu.

Because Religious Studies is an interdisciplinary program drawing upon many departments, some courses may have prerequisites in their home departments that must be fulfilled even though the prerequisites themselves have no bearing on progress within the religious studies major. Students are responsible for ensuring that they have met all the prerequisites to enter a course before they enroll in it.