Summer Class Alert: RELIG ST 374 – Rhetoric of Religion!

Do you need to catch up or get ahead on credits for the Religious Studies Major or Certificate? Want to free up space in your Fall Semester schedule? Take Religious Studies over the summer and enroll in RELIG. ST. 374: Rhetoric of Religion with Megan Zahay! Offered during the ZDD Summer Session (May 22 through June 18, 2023), this class is completely online and asynchronous!

Course description: What do TikTok, Superbowl ads, and political campaigns have to do with religion? Even when not explicitly mentioned, religion and religious themes saturate our public discourse. From the silver screen to the day’s headlines, religion impacts the way we understand and talk about our society. In this course, you’ll apply academic theories of communication and religion, including secularism and atheism, to make connections across the Internet and social media, journalism, marketing, politics, and film and television. Take a hands-on approach to understanding examples of communication and religion in your own life through collaborative discussions, rhetorical analysis, and a multimedia project. Explore how religion communicates your world in both expected and unexpected ways.

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