RS Affiliate Katrina Daly Thompson presenting at ACS Works-in-Progress: “The Evolution of Swahili Islamic Marital Advice, 1932-2020”

This Thursday, February 2nd, Religious Studies Faculty Affiliate and Executive Committee member Dr. Katrina Daly Thompson will present their work “The Evolution of Swahili Islamic Marital Advice, 1932-2020” at the ACS Works-in-Progress series!

In this presentation, Katrina Daly Thompson will share preliminary findings from their ongoing analysis of almost ninety years of Swahili-language marital advice booklets that address issues of weddings, marriage, sexuality, and divorce. They will discuss how the content, style, authorship, and format of such pamphlets have evolved due to various factors, including changes in societal attitudes and values, technological advancements, and the influence of various cultural and religious trends. Thompson argues that a decrease in authorial qualifications, an increased reliance on classical authorities rather than contemporary ones, and a shift from a scholarly to a popular audience and from legal issues to sexual ones points to the increased influence of Salafi reformists on Swahili gender relations.

Date & Time: February 2 @ 12:30 pm1:30 pm

Location: 1418 Van Hise Hall

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