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Aretha and Religion: Reflections on the Queen of Soul

Event Date
H.F. DeLuca Forum, Wisconsin Institute for Discovery
"Aretha and Religion" event poster

"Aretha and Religion: Reflections on the Queen of Soul, Religion, and Culture" is a faculty panel featuring Craig Werner, Alexander Shashko, Susan Ridgely, and Corrie Norman, and will take place in the H.F. DeLuca Forum. An introduction will be provided by John Baldacchino, Director of the Division of the Arts.

Aretha Franklin died in August 2018, leaving a rich musical legacy. Our panelists are teaching courses this term that in some way relate to the musical and ritual traditions and the political, cultural and religious contexts that influenced and have been influenced by Ms. Franklin. This is an opportunity for interdisciplinary reflection and of course, we will hear some of her music as well as talk about it.

This event is free and open to the public. Sponsored by the UW Madison Religious Studies ProgramDepartment of Afro-American Studies, University of Wisconsin—Madison, and Division of the Arts.


Welcome Back and Fall Updates

Welcome Back RS Students! One of the great things about summer is hearing from alums who visit Madison or send us news. This summer we heard from former RS majors and certificate students from Arizona to Atlanta. Their careers are equally wide ranging, from academic administration to audiology. Pictured here is Alison Hyde, who is putting both her RS major and Information Sciences degree to work at CNN Headquarters. RS can help you forge many paths and go many places. All the best as you take steps toward your own path in your classes this term!

Affiliate Professor Mark L. Louden Named Alfred L. Shoemaker, J. William Frey, and Don Yoder Professor of Germanic Linguistics

We would like to extend our congratulations to RS affiliate professor Mark L. Louden, recently named the Alfred L. Shoemaker, J. William Frey, and Don Yoder Professor of Germanic Linguistics.

Prof. Louden teaches the only religious studies course on the Amish in the United States. We will be offering this course in Fall 2018. Stay tuned!